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Hope you like our updated website, now featuring a carousel of recommended reading for authors on the home page that will take you right to Amazon, an “Our Books” tab that highlights all our WP books, and a blog, too. We’ve been busy this year with the publication of four new books—a children’s book in Italian and English, a poetry book, an autobiography, and a self-help book—over the last six months and another scheduled to go to the printer soon.

And, we’re working on our first in a series of Big, Bold Business books, called Jersey Women Mean Business! Big, Bold Business Advice from 100 New Jersey Women Business Owners: Practical Tips, Solutions, and Strategies for Business Success, which is due out in early 2012. This 300-page book will feature chapters by successful women business owners from across the state, providing great insight and information for anyone running a business. Are you a NJ woman business owner interested in writing a chapter? Find out all about the book and our Big, Bold Business Authors at