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providing publishing & PR services to authors, business owners, PR agencies, and academic & scholarly publishers.

Writers/Authors/Business Owners

We’re here to help you evaluate, plan out, edit, and fine-tune your work as you begin your journey of becoming a published author, whether you self-publish with us or not. Our focus is on nonfiction written by business owners who intend to use their book as a marketing tool to showcase their expertise; although, we have published fiction and poetry as well. We typically publish only two to three books per year; so authors truly receive WP’s publishing with a personal touch.

Our standard references for style, spelling, and grammar include the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. We recommend you refer to them often as you write and revise your manuscript.

Scholarly Publishers

With decades of experience copy editing and proofreading technical conference program documents as well as scholarly journal articles for association and scholarly publishers, we adapt to the specific publishing guidelines for each publisher and journal. The list of journals we’ve worked on through the years includes those in the fields of engineering, optics, and medicine.


One of the first and most important steps on the road to becoming a published author is hiring an editor who is experienced in editing your kind of book. They will best serve you and your prospective readers. Everyone can write; we do it every day. However, that doesn’t necessarily make us excellent writers or authors. An experienced editor in a particular genre can shape a manuscript into a work of art for an author. It’s the true magic behind publishing and worth every dollar you spend to have them edit your manuscript.

Remember, authors must value the time of their readers and readers deserve a quality read.

Best of luck to you as you pursue your author adventures!

Donna R. Thompson
Owner & Publishing Consultant
Woodpecker Press, LLC


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