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Book Basics: Content Considerations

As an author, you should know…

  • who will read your book. What audience are you targeting?
  • if you will be sharing your expertise, providing insight, offering new ideas, telling a story, explaining history, or writing something else. Think about what you want to say. Have a plan. Do your research. Write well.
  • you must provide value to the reader. Always keep that in mind during the writing process. Don’t waste the reader’s investment of time and money on your book only to leave them disappointed. To earn great reviews or testimonials, you must provide excellent, well-written content.
  • of course, your manuscript should be your original work, and writing it is just the beginning.
  • you will need an editor, proofreader (and no, they are not the same), and a book designer…and they should be experienced professionals.
  • you will be rewriting, revising, fine-tuning, and rereading more often than you figured during the “I’m going to write a book” dream phase. Embrace it!

Nowadays anyone can self-publish a book. Writing one is a different story. Just give it a try sometime. It’s not so easy. But, if you’re passionate and determined to do so, this list is meant to help you as an aspiring author know what to consider before you start. Read it a few times and really think about why your book will be important to your readers.

Have a question about publishing, watch for our “Ask the Publisher” call-in sessions that we’re planning in 2014.