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Deep Within a Blueberry Sky

Author: Jeffrey J. Antonucci

Publication Date: November 1, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-937397-40-1
Format: Hard cover, illustrated
Size: 6 × 9
Page Count: 324
Retail Price: $27.00

Book Description:

This book is about Sarah, a spunky seven-year-old, who thinks she and her family are on their way to visit her grandfather for their typical summer getaway. Sarah soon learns that this year will be different. Sarah’s grandfather, Poppy Tom, will be implementing a plan using the elements of a beautifully penned poem lovingly devised by him and Sarah’s late grandmother, Jennie, that embarks Sarah on an enchanting journey of adventure and discovery—including of her inner-self—that spans decades.

As the plan is put into action and Sarah’s journey unfolds, we learn why her dedicated grandparents felt it necessary to provide their granddaughter with the tools and defense mechanisms she needs to succeed in an often challenging and unforgiving world.

Deep Within a Blueberry Sky emotionally immerses the reader into the inner workings of this ambitious plan that, if successful, confirms there are no limits or barriers to what a person can accomplish, no matter what their condition or circumstances. It simultaneously guides the reader, every step of the way, with Sarah on her daring and undaunted effort to overcome her “burdens” and achieve what just might be the richest reward.

Will Poppy Tom’s and Grandma Jennie’s plan work? Will Sarah be up to the task?

The ultimate of discoveries and triumphs await Sarah—and the reader, too—if she rises to the challenge and succeeds.