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The Threads of My Coat: A Personal Inventory of Who Your Are and the Roots of Your Engagement with the Worldmcclinchyvanessa_2The Threads of My Coat

A Personal Inventory of Who You Are
and the Roots of Your Engagement with the World

Vanessa Y. McClinchy

This beautiful cloth-covered personal journal is designed for a private journey of self-exploration and discovery. The author, who has facilitated the professional journey of more than thirty-thousand program participants across the U.S., goes into great detail on how to make the best use of this journal: 

“The answer to each question will help you identify a particular set of threads in your proverbial coat. Each thread represents associated emotions, thoughts, and memories that have the power to influence your mood, perspective, and behavior, perhaps decades after the originating event(s), even when the originating event(s) don’t seem immediately clear, or relevant.

Because the questions have been presented in a particular order to facilitate the flow and evolution of your thoughts, it is important that you answer each question before moving on to the next. At the end, you’ll find a final set of questions designed to assist you in processing your truths regarding the road traveled and help you to transition back into the present.

…your personal inventory will help you reflect on the circumstances and life events that have contributed to who and what you are today and assist you in beginning to understand the how—and even why—of your engagement with the world and those in it.”

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