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Become an Author Without Writing a Book

Big Bold Business® Book Series—You don’t have to write an entire book to be an author! Become a published author and get the credibility and recognition that comes with it by writing a chapter. Share your knowledge and use the book as a marketing tool to showcase your expertise. Each BBB volume features short chapters of business insight and advice written by business owners.

About the Big Bold Business Book Series

In 2012, Woodpecker Press launched the Big Bold Business Book Series, with its first volume of books written by business owners for business owners. This series blends the power of publishing and public relations to benefit the authors as well as the readers. Business owners share their expertise by writing a short chapter, readers gain business insight from each quick-read chapter, and every author benefits from the exposure to those who received the book from another author and now know them and what they do.

Volume 1 featured 72 chapters, each written by a New Jersey Woman Business Owner.

Volume 2 was published in 2015, featuring 40 chapters written by men and women business owners from across the USA.

Volume 3, published in 2018, was a special volume commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners (NJAWBO). It featured 15 chapters, each of which was written by a NJAWBO member. 

A new Big Bold Business volume is published every few years.

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